Ready to Use Differentiation Strategies: Grades 6 - 8

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Not all differentiation strategies need to be time-consuming and complex in development on the part of the teacher. Ready-to-Use Differentiation Strategies features a description of each strategy, how it serves students, tips and techniques for making it your own, and how to use it in the classroom with students in any content area in grades 3–5. Each differentiation strategy encourages higher-level thinking and intellectual risk taking while accommodating different learning styles. The book also provides templates that can be used to develop new lessons using each strategy.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

What is Differentiation?

            Differentiation as a Teaching Lifestyle

The “Gotcha Factor” or “Is this what you want?” Clause

            Differentiation and Learning Styles

Selecting Activities for the Differentiated Lifestyle

How to Use this Book

No Preparation Activities



Concept Diagram

Don’t Break the Bank

Draw a…


Initial Sentences

Let’s Trade

One to Ten


The Blob

Three Facts and a Fib

You Don’t Say

Low Preparation Strategies

Blackout Bingo

Categorization Cards

Creative Concentration


Go Fish!

Guess What

Hands – On Venn Diagram

Myth vs. Reality

Nailing the Mail

Prioritization Flap Book

Red Light, Green Light

Sticky Note Share

Toy Share

Web Cards


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