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                  Inservice Previews
These are the various quotes you see before during and after my presentations. These CDs are meant to run for 60 minutes with a new quote every 25 seconds. These prices are for individual teachers, site licenses are also available. The prices are kept low so please ask your fellow teachers to purchase their own copies!

Motivational Quotes CD I

          Motivational Greek Quotes

       Motivational Quotes CD II
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Go Fish! Grouping Cards The Mouth
Use Go Fish as a processing tool (Think 10 - 2!) These kits are ready for laminating!

 Available in Spanish!

Grouping Cards allow you to group students randomly in groups of 2 to 7. Their structure discourages students "changing cards" to be with friends. The Mouth is a variation on the the "talking stick." These are the object that students pass around when speaking, but everyone must share.

Bilingual Available

From $10/set From $5/set From $5/set