If you are visiting to browse menus, please feel free to download, use and alter any of the following. As soon as the list gets longer, I will begin separate pages for subject areas and grade levels. Keep in the mind the original author (and/or school district) maintain all "rights" to the menu. (i.e. you can not publish it, but you can use it!) 

Also - please be advised, these menus are being uploaded in the same form they are provided to me.  I have not made any alterations to the menus when they are provided to me (I do add the copyright to the bottom if the author did not send it that way).  

As many of these menus are designed by others and I am not altering them, I make no guarantee that they are complete or meet the guidelines I have set for effective menus.

To share a menu, drop me an e-mail; attach the menu. Please let me know the intended grade level and I will get it uploaded as soon as possible.  Share with list with others your fellows do not have to reinvent the wheel!


Elementary (K - 5) Submit yours!!

A Boy in the Girl's Bathroom - Grade 4 Civil War Game Show Menu - Civil War - Grade 5
  Elementary Electricity and Circuit Game Show Menu   
Middle School/Junior High (6 - 8) Submit yours!!
  Safety-Measurement-Metrics - Tic Tac Toe - Grade 6 Gary Paulsen 2-5-8 Menu - Grade 6
   The Lady and the Tiger - 2-5-8 Menu - Grade 8  End of Year Science Menu - Grade 8
 Planet  Diner Menu - Grade 6 Element Eatery Menu - Grade 6
  Rock Cycle Tic Tac Toe - Grade 6

High School (9 - 12) Submit yours!!

Vocabulary Tic Tac Toe - Grades 9-10
  First Chapter of Malcolm X: 20-50-80 Menu   

Submit yours!!

A participant in one of my menu workshops asked if I had a database of teacher created menus that they were willing to share with others. That was the beginning of this page.