Laurie E. Westphal, Ed.D.

In order to present the best program for you, I request the following considerations:
1. Projector: please provide a video projector and screen for the presentation. The projector should have a standard VGA computer input (or HDMI input) and cable.
2. ComputerI will provide and use my own computer because of font and compatibility issues and will need to have my computer near the front of the room so I can easily access it during the session.
4. Staging: Because of the nature of my presentations, audience members need to be seated in groups at tables. Additionally, I will need a table near the front of the room for my materials.
5. Sound: In small rooms with less than 40, a sound system is not necessary. In a large room, with more than 40 participants, I will need a handheld wireless microphone or wireless lapel / lavaliere mic. A wired microphone and/or podium microphone will not work as I wander and speak throughout the room. Please have additional batteries on hand at the beginning of the day.
6. Set-up: Please allow a minimum of 45 minutes before the presentation for me to set-up my laptop and make technical checks.
7. Parking: Please arrange for any necessary parking permits, and secure parking as close as possible to the performance site.

If you would like to download a copy of my presentation biography, you will find it here.

Feel free to e-mail me any questions on these needs: